Crybaby Ranch = 3 down, 97 to go

31 Oct

Just for the hell of it
Crybaby Ranch
Tina Welling
307 pages

I picked up this book on the discount table at Borders. Pretty much wish I had left it there. Not sure what it was about the concept that attracted me – woman leaves a loveless marriage, moves to Wyoming, continues to make jewelry as an artistic outlet, meets cute male neighbor, they fall in love. And as with any good love story, there are obstacles thrown up in front of the destined couple: mother with alzheimers, crazy in laws, a vixen trying to get the man.

If I wasn’t participating in this challenge, I wouldn’t have finished the book, but by the time I made my final determination, I was over half way through. Figured then, that I might as well finish it.

While I didn’t really enjoy the book, I still had to pull a quote or two that piqued my interest.

He said in boot camp he was taught to think FIDO: Fuck it, drive on. I use it now when I get stuck. The idea is to just keep the flow going.

I can’t help but appreciate this approach.

Hopefully, I’ll have better news from the next book. I guess I can’t love every book I’m going to read in this coming year.


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