Twilight Series = 7 down, 93 to go

19 Dec

After months and months and months (and did I mention, months?) of absolutely refusing to read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, my goddaughter smiled at me once, said “Please, Aunt Kate?” and I proceeded to tackle the series.

While I didn’t feel challenged by the writing and found the characters lacking any true depth, I didn’t mind the week it took me read through the four books. The entire over-arching phenomenon of pure obsession with the series and being a member in good standing of Team Edward or Team Jacob pretty much alludes me, but I can see some hints of why so many people find it intriguing. My loyalties for a so-called “teen” series though still lie with Team Harry Potter for engaging story lines and characters that demonstrate perception and depth. And if I was going to select a favorite line of vampire books – I’ll always default to Ann Rice.

The next step on my Twilight journey is to suck it up and watch the two movies. Hey, I have a 15 year old who will be quizzing me. I have to make sure I’m up to the challenge.

One interesting note on these books – at least for me – is that I read the last three on Kindle for iPhone, which has made me quite obsessed with the idea of getting my hands on an e-reader.

544 pages

New Moon
576 pages

640 pages

Breaking Dawn
756 pages


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