The Navy Justice Series = 21 down, 79 to go

16 Jan

JAG is one my favorite TV dramas, so I when I found this series – The Navy Justice Series by Don Brown – I was intrigued. It also didn’t hurt that they were free downloads on my Kindle for iPhone app.

The books – Treason (325 pages), Hostage (352 pages) and Defiance (336 pages) – follow the trials and tribulations of Navy JAG officer Zack Brewer. He becomes the Navy’s star prosecutor with his winning performances in two trials.

The first is the result of three radical Islamic clerics who are members of the Navy Chaplain Corps being charged with inciting other service members to commit acts of terrorism.

The second is against a Muslim Navy aviator who bombs the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Muslim holy site, as part of a worldwide plot by an Islamic terrorist network to create one united Islamic state in the Middle East.

All three book are good reads, though they didn’t contain the depth of character that I typically prefer. The books also have a definitive undertone of Christian values, as many of the characters rediscover God as part of the storyline. I was halfway through book 2 before I realized that was a major point to the series. By that time, I felt that I was committed and wanted to see it through.

But these books portrayed Islam in a very negative light, which was completely unwarranted. For certain believers, I fear that these books could potentially reinforce existing negative perceptions of Islam – those that have already caused enough division and misunderstandings between Christians and Muslims. For that reason, this series disappointed me.

It seems additionally ironic that these books fulfill my “just for the hell of it” book genre. I wanted to classify them under “historical fiction,” but that felt dishonest and not true to the mission of the original list.


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