Star Trek: Nero – Number 1-4 = 53 down, 47 to go

17 Jun

Graphic novel
Star Trek: Nero – Numbers 1-4

I grew up in a family comprised of four members who are all Star Trek fans. As long as I can remember, we’ve gone as a family to see the movies soon after they open. We own them all – first as VCR tapes, now as DVDs. And we’ve always watched them repeatedly.

When I was looking for a science fiction book so that I could start checking off those books from my list, I started with a search of Star Trek titles. During that process, I unearthed a series of four graphic novels that shed even more light on the Nero/Spock backstory, which played a pivotal role in the latest Star Trek movie franchise.

The four short illustrated novels share glimpses of Nero’s catastrophic loss of his wife and home planet and how that feeds an unbelievable, crippling hatred across time and galaxies – a hatred that leads to the capture of an older Spock and how he comes to be marooned on an icy planet watching his own home world be obliterated.

For a Star Trek fan, it was an enjoyable read.


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