Eiger Dreams = 56 down, 44 to go

28 Jun

Other nonfiction
Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains
Jon Krakauer
208 pages

Jon Krakauer is easily one of my favorite storytellers…and though he writes nonfiction, storyteller is still the word I would use. His approach to telling a true, narrative story results in books that are enthralling, don’t-put-it-down-until-you’re-done reading. This collection of essays was no exception. It told the story of man’s continuous obsession with the mountains and his attempt to harness their otherworldly power.

Here are a couple of moving passages from its pages:

Most climbers aren’t in fact deranged, they’re just infected with a particularly virulent strain of the Human Condition.

Upward progress called for a paradoxical blend of power and great delicacy; the climbing was unrelentingly tenuous.

It is easy, when are so young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough it is your God-given right to have it.


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