Alexander’s Bridge = 69 down, 31 to go

25 Jul

Alexander’s Bridge
Willa Cather
92 pages

I enjoyed this classic novel that features a brilliant bridge builder and his simultaneous love affairs with his wife and mistress. I found this summary of the book by accident on the blog Sexuality & Love in the Arts, but thought that it well captured the essence of the book…much better than I could after a long weekend.

Here is one quote that I found amusing. It is describing Alexander’s wife from the perspective of his old professor.

Wilson reflected that he had never before known a woman who has been able, for any considerable while, to support both a personal an intellectual passion.

This one is a verbal observation from the mistress to Alexander when he tries to bury his motive for seeing her.

“Don’t try to wear a cloak of humility; it doesn’t become you. Stalk in as you are and don’t make excuses. I’m not accustomed to inquiring into the motives of my guests. That would hardly be safe…in a great house like this.”


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