Star Trek: TNG: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment = 74 down, 26 to go

12 Aug

Science fiction
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment
Keith R.A. DeCandido
320 pages

You didn’t doubt that my 100 books wouldn’t include at least one Star Trek book, now did you? I’m pretty positive that if my father had any say in it that I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I was hanging out in the womb. My family sees all the movies as soon as they come out in theaters together…if I remember correctly, we may even have ducked out of a wedding early to go see one of them!

Over the years, I’ve probably read a good dozen or two Star Trek books – both from the original series and TNG. While I still usually enjoy the shows and movies more, I’ve enjoyed a number of the books.

I chose this one and was more than half way through it before paying attention to the fact that it’s Book VI in a series – though luckily I know most of the characters and players, so there really wasn’t any problem picking it up. Captain Picard of TNG and Captain Sisko of DS9 are ordered to work together to rebuild an alliance with the Klingon empire. (Inserted note: I love that my spell check picks up Klingon as being spelled correctly!) Of course, they’re set up, attacked and end up on a desolate planet fighting for their lives. You need a desolate planet for many – if not most – Star Trek story lines.

This book was a fun read for old time’s sake.


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