The Case for Easter = 76 down, 24 to go

15 Aug

Case for Easter
Lee Strobel
96 pages

The subhead for this book explains its basis succinctly, “A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection.”

Lee Strobel was a journalist for many years, including with the Chicago Tribune. He was a self-avowed atheist before converting to Christianity. It is my understanding that his journalistic approach to investigating the Resurrection as well as faith and Christianity led him to convert.

The Case for Easter takes the reader point by point through the arguments for and against the circumstances surrounding the Resurrection. He meets with some of the leading minds of the time and goes through everything – all of his questions, all of the skeptics’ questions – with them point by point, which he shares in considerable detail in the book. One of his conclusions in its pages includes:

All the gospel and Acts evidence – incident after incident, witness after witness, detail after detail, corroboration after corroboration – was extremely impressive. Although I tried, I couldn’t think of any more thoroughly attested event in ancient history.

As my faith is something I’m not always sure about, I would be interested to read some of Strobel’s other writings.


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