Containment = 77 down, 23 to go

15 Aug

Science fiction
Christian Cantrell
248 pages

By default, I’m not a consumer of science fiction books. Over the years, I’ve read a sprinkling of Star Trek books, but have never been infatuated by the overall genre. So it’s taken me a considerable amount of time into my challenge to tackle the science fiction section – though in the last three weeks, I’ve finished three of them.

I have to say, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which I actually selected because it only cost $.99 in the Amazon Kindle store.

Arik is part of the first generation of children to be born on the Venus colony, which was established by the Global Space Agency in an effort to help save mankind as Earth’s ability to support human life depreciates. Arik’s generation is comprised of just 100 children, as that is all of the additional lives the colony can support. Upon high school graduation, he is assigned to help develop a system that will support more lives.

During his exploration, he goes outside the station, alone and unsupervised and finds things that can’t be explained by the information he was taught growing up. During his trials to discover the truth, everything he knows about his parents, teachers, friends and environment are tested. He observes:

…that the moving parts that drove human emotion and interaction were far more intricate and delicate and explosive than anything found inside manmade machinery.

If you saw M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Village, you’ll appreciate the end of this book.


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