Yertle the Turtle = 85 down, 15 to go

15 Sep

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
Dr. Seuss
96 pages

Yertle the turtle is the king of the pond and not satisfied with his kingdom as it is. So he piles his subjects one on top of another until he can see as far as he can see, convinced of his superiority and ignoring the throne of turtles piled under his four feet:

Your majesty, please…I don’t like to complain. But down here below, we are feeling great pain.

His stands high on his perch until one subject, the unlucky turtle at the bottom who has been trying to negotiate with the king, sneezes and brings the hundreds-tall pile of turtles tumbling down. The king quickly learns his lesson. Dr. Seuss brilliantly shares impactful lessons through engaging, catchy stories that appeal to kids of all ages. I never regret the time I spend with a Dr. Seuss book.

I found this great post on the Lessons Learned from Dr. Seuss. It’s worth a read.


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