Patterns of a random odyssey

5 Apr

Raise your hand if this has happened to you…you’re visiting a website, something catches your eye – a headline, a photo – so you click through. Next time you look up, 15 minutes has passed and you’re 10 websites in…barely remembering where you started.

I had one of those this afternoon. One of my new Facebook friends – who happens to be an art director – posted a link to a site called Pinterest.  It’s a visually enchanted site that imaginatively describes itself as “a place to catalog the things you love.” I can’t even begin to explain how fun the homepage alone is…you’ll need to just check it out for yourself. In a matter of moments, I’ve become completely obsessed with this site. I signed up to receive an invitation…and hope it comes soon, as this site is still in the beta testing phase.

Anyway, this image – of a beautiful book, Pattern by Orla Kiely – stopped me in my tracks. And since another obsession of mine is patterns that speak to me, I, of course, clicked through. The image took me to Print & Pattern, a blog that “celebrates the world of surface pattern design.” It includes photos of a number of the book’s pages.

So a number of great things came from today’s random online odyssey, Pininterest, a new book and Print & Pattern. Seems like it wasn’t such a waste of 15 minutes after all.


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